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Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED)
Contact Info
Contact: Chris Gearheart, Member Services
Phone: (801)746-1413
Street Address
1075 Hollywood Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

About Us

Objectives: GOED's goals are to increase consumption of omega-3s to adequate levels around the world and to ensure that the industry is producing quality omega-3 products that consumers can trust.

Services: GOED facilitates industry-wide collaboration in developing, sustaining, and expanding markets for EPA & DHA omega-3s, promoting health benefits, supporting public education and safety, and establishing ethical business and product quality standards.

Who Can Join: Membership is open to anyone involved in the EPA and DHA omega-3 business, including suppliers and manufacturers as well as industry service providers. Members must adhere to GOED’s Voluntary Monograph and Code of Ethics as a condition of membership.

Company Profile

GOED's roots start in the omega-3 industry's collaboration to petition the US Food and Drug Administration to establish a heart disease risk reduction claim for omega-3s in the year 2000. In 2006, twelve companies involved in that effort joined together to found GOED with a strong mandate to represent all sections of the EPA and DHA market. As of early 2015, GOED has approximately 200 members from around the globe and in all segments of the omega-3 supply chain.

Our vision is to help consumers worldwide reach EPA and DHA omega-3 intake levels optimal for the health conditions they are trying to manage and to have the broadest access possible to these valuable nutrients in foods, supplements, infant formulas, clinical nutrition products, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and other applications that help them reach this goal.

Our mission is to support GOED members who are committed to responsibly developing, sustaining and expanding markets for EPA & DHA omega-3s, while promoting health benefits, supporting public education and safety, establishing ethical business and product quality standards, and advancing government, healthcare and industry relations.

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