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Graminex LLC
Contact Info
Contact: Heather May, COO
Phone: (419)278-1023
Toll Free: (877)472-6469
Fax: (419)278-1042
Street Address
2-300 City Rd. C
Deshler, OH 43516

Cosmetics/Personal Care
- Anti-Aging
- Eye Cream
- Ginseng Products
- Lotions/Creams
- Moisturizers
- Wound Care
- Beverages
- Functional Foods/Beverages
- Alfalfa
- Cranberry Extract
- Extracts, Herbal
- Saw Palmetto
- Standardized Herbs
- Bottle Filling Equipment
- Bulk Blending
- Capsules
Manufacturing/Equipment (Cont'd)
- Labeling Equipment/Services
- Private Label Services
- Tablet Presses
- Pet Products/Accessories
- Amino Acids
- Antioxidants
- Cosmeceuticals
- Digestion Aids
- Energy Formulas
- Gluten-free
- Hair/Skin/Nails Supplements
- Kosher Supplements
- Menopause-Related Products
- Nutraceuticals/Phytonutrients
- Pet Supplements
- Phytosterols
- Vitamins, Multiple
- Wheat or Barley Grass Supplements
PollenAid Capsules/Tablets
Pollenique Personal Care
Prostanex Capsules
G63 Flower Pollen Extract
G60 Flower Pollen Extract
G60WS Flower Pollen Extract
PollenBerry Capsules
PolliQueen Capsules
Previa Softgels
NAX Flower Pollen Extract
About Us

Industry Supplier of: We manufacture and supply non-solvent extracted flower pollen extracts sold as bulk raw materials, bulk tablets/capsules and finished private labeled products.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 1997

Founder: Cynthia R. May

Key Personnel:
Heather May, COO
Justin Ritter, Reg. Affairs
Colleen May, Public Relations / Sales
Amanda May, International Sales
Steve Seedorf, Animal Health / Product Specialist

Company Profile

Graminex is the sole manufacturer of Non-Solvent Flower Pollen Extract. Graminex’s manufacturing process takes place in our cGMP certified facility and farm in Ohio. Graminex Flower Pollen Extracts are standardized extracts with the highest quality standards. They have applications in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, animal health, food and beverage industries. Graminex can provide all the documentation necessary to register with various health authorities around the world. Our Flower Pollen Extracts are available as bulk powders or as bulk tablets and capsules. Graminex also has full bottling and packaging capabilities to provide private label, turn-key service based on customer requirements. This applies to capsules and tablets as well as packaged retail cosmetics. Custom products may be formulated and manufactured in-house by our specialists to contain additional active ingredients with the Flower Pollen Extracts upon request in powder, tablet and capsule forms. Graminex is 100% dedicated to customer service and strives to deliver the highest quality Flower Pollen Extracts. Graminex has years of experience with the export process to ensure timely delivery worldwide.

Company Information
Flower Pollen Extract Custom Formulas
Summary of Graminex's finished capsule/tablet formulations for bulk or private label.
Flower Pollen Extract Raw Materials
Summary of Graminex's raw material offerings for the Flower Pollen Extracts.
Flower Pollen Extract Raw Materials - Portuguese
Summary of Graminex's raw material offerings for the Flower Pollen Extracts in Portuguese.
Pollenique Personal Care Products
Graminex's Pollenique Personal Care line including anti-aging skin cremes and lotions.
Company Literature
White Papers
Graminex G63 Flower Pollen Extract for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Men
Summarizes chemical composition of Flower Pollen Extract, modes of action, efficacy and dosages for BPH support.

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