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Better For You Foods LLC
Contact Info
Contact: Amy Lotker, Owner/Head of Sales & Marketing
Phone: (561)314-9642
Fax: (561)499-9055
Street Address
7395 Sedona Way
Delray Beach, FL 33446

- Dairy-Free Products
- Deli
- Ethnic Foods
- Frozen Foods
- Gluten-Free Products
- Kosher Foods/Halal-Certified
- Low-Glycemic Foods
Foods (Cont'd)
- Low-Sodium Foods
- Organic Foods (Certified)
- Snacks
- Wheat-Free Products
- Contract Manufacturing
- Private Label Services
Better4U Foods
Better For You Foods LLC
About Us

Description of Products: USDA Certified Organic Pizzas & Products, Certified Gluten-Free Pizzas & Products, Ancient Grain Products (GF, Whole Wheat and Sprouted), Bread Bowls, 100% Vegan Gluten Free Certified Thin Pizza Crust. Private label and branded.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 2010

Founder: Jack Lotker / Amy Lotker

Key Personnel:
Amy Lotker, Owner/Executive VP of Marketing & Sales

Company Profile

Better For You Foods LLC is the maker of award winning branded and private label foods. Best known for innovative health-oriented frozen pizzas, the company owns a facility uniquely qualified to create foods ranging from USDA Certified Organic to Certified Gluten-Free.

Hot new private label offerings include Bread Bowl products in five stock varieties:  Cornmeal, Cornmeal & Jalapeno, Multi-Grain, Poppy Seed & Onion and Plain. Custom baked bread bowl shells can be paired with custom chowder, chili, soup or dip products.

NEW for 2017 - Bread Bowls with Pizza Fondue, Prefilled. A perfect marriage of bread bowls and gooey pizza fillings!

Also new is 100% Vegan Gluten Free Certified Thin Pizza Crust. Made with all natural Non-GMO ingredients that are:  Gluten-, Wheat-, Egg-, Milk-, Nut-, Soy- and Corn-Free.

Company-owned BRC Certified facility has certification of A rating and is Certified Gluten-Free (by the GFCO), USDA Certified Organic, GFSI Certified and FDA Certified, located in London, Ontario.

40,000 sq. ft. facility is comprised of an in-house bakery, production facility, large freezer storage and R&D lab.  A one-stop solution for quality manufacturing, storage and distribution.

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