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Bioforce USA
Contact Info
Contact: Rosemarie Webb, Dir. Mktg./Digital Media
Phone: (518)828-9111
Toll Free: (800)641-7555
Fax: (888)798-7555
Street Address
6 Grandinetti Dr.
Ghent, NY 12075

Cosmetics/Personal Care
- Acne Treatments
- Analgesics/Topical pain relief
- Anti-Aging
- Foot Care
- Hair Color, including Henna
- Hair Conditioner
- Masks/Toners
- Moisturizers
- Artichoke
- Bitters
- Butcher’s Broom
- Cold/Flu/Allergy Remedies
- Echinacea
- Extracts, Herbal
- Hawthorn
- Hops
- Horse Chestnut
- Kelp
Herbs (Cont'd)
- Laxatives, Herbal
- Milk Thistle
- Relaxers/Sleep Aids, Herbal
- Remedies, Herbal
- Sage
- Saint John’s Wort
- Saw Palmetto
- Tinctures, Herbal
- Valerian
- Children’s Supplements
- Cold/Flu/Allergy Remedies
- Digestion Aids
- Homeopathic Remedies
- Immune Enhancers
- Joint Care
- Kosher Supplements
- Liquids
- Menopause-Related Products
A. Vogel
Annemarie Borlind
About Us

Description of Products: Bioforce USA is a sales and marketing company dedicated to supporting brand development for European companies in the U.S. natural products industry.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 1998

Founder: Paul Ross

Key Personnel:
Paul C. Ross, Chairman
Rich Manziello, Sls. Mgr.
Jodie Moore, VP Mktg
Pierce Sioussat, Pres.

Company Profile

Bioforce USA is a Sales and Marketing company dedicated to supporting brand development for European companies in the US natural products industry.

The company's Brand includes:

A.Vogel:research based medicinal herbal products

Herbatint:natural alternative to mass market permanent haircolor products

Annemarie B?rlind:a clinically supported, department store quality skincare line made

Sanhelios:solutions for vein and bladder support

Bionorica:a brand that includes Sinupret, the #1 selling sinus product in Germany

Secure:a healthy, effective alternative to conventional denture adhesive products

Each brand has demonstrated a commitment to the highest quality manufacturing practices with products that have been independently tested for safety and efficacy. Most are registered products in their respective markets and as such have achieved regulatory approval for their intended use.

These brands have also shown an extraordinary commitment to sustainable practices and other socially responsible initiatives. What makes these brands unique is that such approaches to the making of their products have been in place for decades, long before they become marketing hype in the US natural products market.


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