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Blue Spring Wellness Intl.
Contact Info
Email: ktetzlaff

Contact: Kristina Tetzlaff, Mktg. Coord.
Toll Free: (800)289-0589
Street Address
7720 N Robinson Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Cosmetics/Personal Care
- Acne Treatments
- Aloe Vera
- Analgesics/Topical pain relief
- Bath Products
- Body Scrub
- Elastin Products
- Eye Cream
- Foot Care
- Hair Conditioner
- Lip Care Products
- Lotions/Creams
- Masks/Toners
- Massage Products
- Moisturizers
- Oils
- Shampoo
- Sun Care Products
- Tea Tree Oil Products
- Aloe Products
- Ashwagandha
- Cold/Flu/Allergy Remedies
- Cough/Throat Remedies
- Echinacea
- Rose Hips
- Pet Products/Accessories
Miscellaneous (Cont'd)
- Smoking Deterrents
- Antioxidants
- Arthritis Products
- Breast Care
- Cold/Flu/Allergy Remedies
- Detox Products
- Diet/Weight Loss Aids
- Digestion Aids
- Energy Formulas
- Green Food Supplements
- Hair/Skin/Nails Supplements
- Homeopathic Remedies
- Immune Enhancers
- Joint Care
- MSM/Methylsulfonylmethane (Organic Sulfur)
- PMS Products
- Rose Hip Products
- Spirulina
- Stress Formulas
- Wheat or Barley Grass Supplements
Blue Spring Salon
Blue Spring Wellness
Blue Stuff
Euro Pharma
About Us

Description of Products: Topical pain relief, supplements, homeopathics and cosmetic/personal care.


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