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Kamut International
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Contact: Tara Blyth, Mktg. & Comm.
Phone: (406)251-9418
Fax: (406)251-9420
Street Address
Missoula, MT 59806
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- Grains
About Us

Description of Products: Ancient khorasan grain, organically grown. Great in baked goods, cereals, hot and cold side dishes, soups and salads.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 1986

Founder: Bob Quinn

Key Personnel:
Jamie Ryan Lockman, Regional Dir.--N. America
Trevor Blyth, CEO
Bob Quinn, Pres. & Founder
Tara Blyth, Mktg. & Comm.

Company Profile

KAMUT Brand khorasan wheat is an ancient grain that is always organically grown.  It is 20% to 40% higher in protein than modern wheat and high in vitamins and minerals like magnesium and selenium.  KAMUT khorasan wheat has a sweet, nutty, buttery flavor and is loved for its versatility. Pasta, soups, pizza, baked goods, hot and cold side dishes and cereals can all be made with this healthy, delicious grain.  Numerous published research papers have demonstrated that KAMUT Brand wheat has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for those with IBS and cardiovascular disease.  Please visit for more information on this research along with recipes, videos, news articles, etc.

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