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Guide to Using the WholeFoods SourceBook Online

The WholeFoods SourceBook Directory is the online companion to the May WholeFoods print directory. Consider these resources your personal guide to the world of natural products. Use this resource to find:

  • Company contact information
  • Product offerings
  • Brand names
  • Company profiles
  • Key personnel names
  • Photos, videos, sales sheets and more!
  • [Add your own new listing by clicking here, or update/upgrade an existing listing by clicking here]

Using is easy:

  1. Next to “Find a Product,” choose an option from the dropdown menu labeled “Company Type.” Options include:
    -Manufacturers (offer finished products)
    -Suppliers (offer raw materials/services)
    -Media Companies
  2. Select the type of product/service you’re looking for in the next dropdown menu. Options include:
    -Cosmetics/Personal Care
  3. Choose a specifc product subcategory from the next dropdown menu (optional).


  1. If you want to search for a specific brand, enter that into the “Enter Brand” search bar.


5. In addition, below the “Find a Product” search feature, you can browse through companies alphabetically.



6. If you would like to search based on location, you can click on “Locate by State/Zip” and enter information. If you know the company name you are looking for, click “Find a Company,” enter their name in the search bar and click Go.



7. Browse through listings for specific company types (Manufacturers, Suppliers, etc.) by clicking on the category at the top of the page.



8. Finally, you can use the upper right-hand search box to conduct a full-site search. This is essentially casting a wide net to find the information you’re looking for. Any keywords you input here will be match against all the companies’ listings.



If you need any help adding, editing or customizing your listing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (908)769-1160 or



Guide to Creating New Company Listings on SourceBook Online

Listings updated by February 28 will also appear in the May WholeFoods print Source Directory.

All updated basic listings are included in print and online for FREE.


Set Up a New Listing


  • Fill out the form, and click "Create Account"

  • Once you fill out the form, hit "Create a New Listing,"
  • Follow the prompts to create your company listing.

    If you need any help adding, editing or customizing your listing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (908)769-1160 or

Guide to Editing/Updating Existing Company Listings on SourceBook Online
via Login

1. Visit

2. Click “Login” in the upper right-hand corner. [[if you know your password, skip to Step 7]]

3. Click “Forgot Password”. Enter the email address associated with the account.

4. Check your incoming email messages, and click the link in the automated email you should receive.

5. On the page it takes you to, enter any password you’d like

6. On the next screen, enter the email address associated with the account along with the password you just chose.

7. Once logged in, you will see your listing(s) in the middle of the screen (please note that your company may have multiple listings in different categories). You can edit them by clicking the brown Edit button on the right hand side (be careful not to click anything else, such as Remove or Upgrade, unless you mean to).

We will approve your listing within 1 business day, and then it will be live.

If you need any help adding, editing or customizing your listing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (908)769-1160 or


Guide to Editing/Updating Existing Company Listings on SourceBook Online
via PURL

You will be emailed twice a year with a PURL (personalized URL) that you will use to update your listing to ensure it will appear both in print and online.*

  • Click on the PURL in the email. [[If you have not received your PURL, contact us at or (908)-769-1160.]]
  • Check the box next to the expiring listing, and click one of the three options in the brown boxes below:
  1.       Review and Renew Selected Items (to edit your listing)
  2.       Renew Selected Items as Is (to renew your listing without editing), or
  3.       No Thanks (to permanently delete your listing from the system).

Review and Renew Selected Items will walk you through updating your listing and choosing upgrades.

After Renewing your listing (after either Reviewing or not Reviewing), you must click either “Submit for Review” or “Submit and Upgrade,” to be walked through all the upgrade packages that are available.


*Once you use your PURL, it expires. But you can access your listing at any time by logging into your listing. The Login link is in the upper right-hand corner of the directory.


If you need any help adding, editing or customizing your listing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (908)769-1160 or

Listings Upgrades and Advertising Opportunities on SourceBook Online

2023 SourceBook Online

Click here to download a PDF of the complete 2023 media kit.


Effective January Issue 2023

SourceBook Directory Online Ads

Leaderboard (728x90*) $3,570 (3 months)
$6,595 (6 months)
$13,535 (12 months)
Medium Rectangle (300x250*) $1,715 (3 months)
$3,265 (6 months)
$6,270 (12 months)
*All ad prices are in gross.

Enhanced Listings

FREE Basic contact information
Bronze $750/year
(includes Free Listing plus corporate profile, one logo, and In the Spotlight*)
Silver $1,700/year
(includes Bronze Listing plus photo gallery of 5 images, 5 videos, 5 downloadable assets* and featured listing on homepage)
Gold $2,000/year
(includes Silver Listing plus lead generation)

NEW! Gold listing bonus! If you upgrade to a gold listing, we will include a link to your website whenever we report on your company on

*In the Spotlight gives companies prime visibility by allowing businesses to appear at the top of searches.

* Assets include white papers, videos, company literature, sell sheets and more.

*All ad prices are in gross.

A la Carte Options (per year)

Logo $500 each
Additional URLs on Listing $250 each
Downloadable Assets (e.g., white papers, videos, company literature) $250 per asset
Lead Generation for Assets $250 additional per asset
Link to Social Networking Page $250
Link to Company Blog $250
Link to an Event $250
Photos $250 per photo
Where to Buy $350

If you need any help adding, editing or customizing your listing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (908)769-1160 or

Top Herb Suppliers, Natural Cosmetic Brands & Organic Food Distributors at WholeFoods Magazine Source Book

Retailers focused on offering their customers superior natural products have an enormous challenge. With so many products on the market, it has become more important than ever to sort through the information available and find the highest quality and most effective natural products—and their manufacturers. Our role at WholeFoods Magazine is to provide natural products retailers with the latest information and opportunities in the industry — from information on vitamin manufacturers to bulk herbs and natural makeup brands to organic food distributors and supplement distributors — so that you can make the most educated decisions to best serve your customers. It’s a role we’ve played since we published our first magazine more than 30 years ago, and it’s a role we continue to take very seriously.

Each monthly issue is focused on helping our readers improve their businesses by providing them with information on high-quality products, industry news, emerging trends, top sellers, and more—all delivered by highly respected experts in their fields.

Through this online SourceBook, we also provide direct links to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, brokers, publishers, associations and consultants. Whether you need to find reputable vitamin and herb suppliers in your area, manufacturers of natural cosmetic brands or other natural personal care products, sports nutrition or even gluten-free foods, we’ve got you covered.

You can browse through our directory based on particular categories or, if you’re looking for a specific product or company, you can use our search tools.


Sorting through all the information available today regarding natural products can be challenging for any retailer. You want to provide your customers with the highest quality products, so you, of course, want to work with manufacturers and suppliers that mirror your desire for quality. WholeFoods Magazine’s SourceBook allows you to easily review the products and vendors available to you and make decisions with all the information at hand. We have information on everything from organic food distributors and vitamin manufacturers to herb suppliers and supplement distributors and much more—all in one easy-to-search location.

Thank you for visiting WholeFoods Magazine’s SourceBook Directory. We look forward to helping you find products that will support—and ultimately grow—your business.

DISCLAIMER: WholeFoods Magazine does not assume liability for errors or omissions. The opinions expressed in listings are not necessarily those of WholeFoods Magazine