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Applied Food Sciences
Contact Info
Email: customerservice

Contact: Jackson Zapp, VP of Business Innovation
Phone: (512)732-8300
Toll Free: (800)345-9666
Fax: (512)732-8301
Street Address
8708 S. Congress Ave., Ste. B290
Austin, TX 78745

Dietary Supplements
- Antioxidants
- Digestive Health
- Energy Formulas
- Glucarate
- Hair/Skin/Nail Support
- Immune Support
- Nutraceuticals/Phytonutrients
- Nutricosmetics
- Plant Protein
- Protein Powders
- Sports Nutrition
- Stress Formulas
- Vitamin C
- Vitamins, Raw Material
Health and Beauty Aids (HABA)
- Vitamin C Products
- Adaptogens
- Ayurvedic Herbs
Herbs (Cont'd)
- Beverages, Spice
- Beverages, Teas
- Curcumin
- Extracts, Herbal
- Ginger
- Green Coffee Bean Extract
- Green Tea
- Hemp-based products
- Herb Seeds
- Kava Kava
- Organic Herbs
- Sexual Support
- Standardized Herbs
- Stress/Sleep Support, Herbal
- Teas, Herbal
- Teas, Medicinal
- Tinctures, Herbal
- Turmeric
Manufacturing Equipment & Services
- Flavors/Colors
GCA-Green Coffee Antioxidant
PurTea® Organic Caffeine
PurTurmeric™ Organic Turmeric Extract
PurC® Organic Vitamin C
AFS.Hemp™ Organic Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract
About Us

Industry Supplier of: Applied Food Sciences brings inspiration and innovation to functional ingredients. Quality is transparent through organic farming, ethical sourcing, and sustainability.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 2001

Key Personnel:
Loretta Zapp, CEO

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