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Mushroom Wisdom, Inc.
Contact Info
Contact: Masahiro Noda, Production Mgr.
Phone: (973)470-0010
Toll Free: (800)747-7418
Fax: (973)470-0017
Street Address
1 Madison St., Bldg. F6
East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Dietary Supplements
- Blood Sugar Management
- Breast Care
- Cold/Flu/Allergy Support
- Energy Formulas
- Gluten-free
Dietary Supplements (Cont'd)
- Immune Support
Health and Beauty Aids (HABA)
- Adaptogens
- Mushrooms (Medicinal)
Maitake D-Fraction
About Us

Industry Supplier of: With over 3 decades of research & development of mushroom & mushroom extracts, Mushroom Wisdom brings the healthful benefits of true mushroom supplements, backed by scientific research, to the daily routines of consumers through our valued retailers.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 1991

Founder: Mike Shirota

Key Personnel:
Donna Noonan, Pres.
Shuji Matsubara, VP, Sls & Admin.
Masahiro Noda, GM, Ingred. Sls. & Prod.
John Lopez, Sales Asst.

Company Profile

Mushroom Wisdom, Inc., east Rutherford, NJ, is a global leader in the development, production and research of mushroom supplements. The company introduced the Maitake mushroom to America in 1991 and recently celebrated their 30th Aniversary.

Mushroom Wisdom brings the healthful benefits of mushrooms, backed by rigorous scientific research, to the daily routines of consumers worldwide. It offers a complete product line, including specific mushroom products developed to support the immune system, brain function, blood sugar levels, breast health, prostate health and more.*  The Mushroom Wisdom brand brings you the most researched adn time tested mushroom products on the US market.

The company was founded in 1991 by CEO Mike Shirota, and was acquired in 2017 by Hokuto Corporation, one of the largest mushroom growrs int he world.

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