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Trace Minerals
Contact Info
Contact: James Crawford, Bulk Sls. Mgr.
Phone: (801)731-6051
Toll Free: (800)624-7145
Fax: (801)731-3702
Street Address
1996 W. 3300 S.
Ogden, UT 84401

Dietary Supplements
- Antioxidants
- Calcium
- Chewable/Gummy
- Children’s Supplements
- Chondroitin Sulfate
- Chromium
- Cleansing Products
- Coenzyme Q-10
- Cold/Flu/Allergy Support
- Colloidal Silver
- Coral Calcium
- Digestive Health
- Effervescent Supplements
- Energy Formulas
- Fiber Supplements
- Glucosamine
- Gluten-free
- Green Food Supplements
- Immune Support
- Inflammation Support
- Iodine
- Iron
- Joint Care
- Kosher Supplements
- Liquids
- Magnesium
- Minerals, Chelated
- Minerals, Liquid
- Minerals, Multiple
- Minerals, Trace
- MSM/Methylsulfonylmethane (Organic Sulfur)
- Pet Supplements
- Potassium
Dietary Supplements (Cont'd)
- Probiotics
- Selenium
- Sports Nutrition
- Stress Formulas
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin/Mineral Combos
- Vitamins, Liquid
- Vitamins, Multiple
- Whole Food
- Zinc
- Nutrition Bars
Health and Beauty Aids (HABA)
- Clay Products
- Hand Sanitizers
- Masks/Toners
- Moisturizers
- Acai Berry
- Alfalfa
- Kelp
- Psyllium
- Stress/Sleep Support, Herbal
Manufacturing Equipment & Services
- Bulk Blending
- Contract Manufacturing
- Liquid
- Private Label Services
- Lozenges
About Us

Industry Supplier of: Manufacturer of ionic trace mineral complexes, colloidal silver, electrolyte concentrates, and single minerals in both liquid and powder form as well as custom liquid & powder formulas. We also provide custom manufacturing and private label services.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 1972

Key Personnel:
Scott Perkes, Owner & Managing Partner
Matt Kilts, Owner & Managing Partner
Ryan Fisher, VP, Opns.
James Crawford, Bulk Sls. Mgr.
Steve Reeves, EVP Mktg., Intl. Sls.
Dave Chambers, EVP Domestic Sls., Prod. Development


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