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Lonza - Capsugel
Contact Info
Toll Free: (888)783-6361
Fax: 888-783-6360
Street Address
412 Mt. Kemble Ave., Suite 200S
Morristown, NJ 07960

Dietary Supplements
- Carnitine
- Collagen
- Digestive Health
- Fertility/Prenatal Supplements
- Immune Support
- Joint Care
- Pet Supplements
- Sports Nutrition
Dietary Supplements (Cont'd)
- Stress Formulas
- Weight Management
Manufacturing Equipment & Services
- Capsules
- Contract Manufacturing
- Encapsulating Machinery
- Hardshell Capsules
- Private Label Services
Vcaps® Plus HPMC vegetarian capsules
Plantcaps® pullulan capsules
DRcaps™ capsules
Vcaps® capsules
Licaps® liquid-filled capsules
DUOCAP® capsules
OceanCaps® Gelatin Capsules
Coni-Snap® Hard Gelatin Capsules
Coni-Snap® Sprinkle Capsules
Lipid Multi-Particulates (LMPs)
SGcaps® Soft Gelatin Capsules
UC-II® undenatured type II collagen
Oceanix™ Marine Phytoplankton
MuscleGuard™ Formula
Carnipure® L-carnitine
ResistAid® arabinogalactan
Relora® brand
Meratrim® brand
Super Citrimax® extract
L-OptiZinc® ingredient
ZMA® power blend
ChromeMate™ complex
Sytrinol® brand
Carniking® L-carnitine
7-Keto® brand
Lowat® brand
About Us

Industry Supplier of: Lonza creates innovative, responsible supplement solutions that address consumer health needs by leveraging science-backed ingredients, advanced formulations and plant-based delivery technologies.

Who's Who

Key Personnel:
Shane Durkee, VP Platform Innovations, R&D, Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition
Brendan Kesler, Head of Business Development, Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition
Rafael Costa, Head of North America Sales, Lonza Consumer Health & Nutrition

Company Profile

Lonza offers a comprehensive range of ingredients and dosage forms that meet consumer needs while supporting their wellness aspirations. Exceptional in our expertise and our fully-integrated capabilities, we strive to create innovative, sustainable and responsible solutions which offer clinically-demonstrated health benefits and enhance consumer experience.


Cleaner Ingredients, Clearer Benefits

Our portfolio of clinically-studied ingredients offers clean-label quality with targeted applications alongside convenient, plant-based dosage forms which resonate with values-driven, health-conscious shoppers, whose priorities include vegan and natural positionings.


Delivery Matters

Our capsule technologies offer innovative, plant-based solutions which align with consumer expectations thanks to their versatility, reliability and modified release profiles. We partner closely with brands, considering every aspect of a supplement project journey from formulation and dosage choice to manufacture and machinability. This creates a shared vision of trust, quality, compliance and successful delivery, while improving efficacy and consumer experience through advanced capsule polymer technologies.

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