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Mill Creek Botanicals
Contact Info
Contact: Rajeev Prasad
Phone: (702)651-6114
Toll Free: (866)447-6758
Fax: (702)651-6117
Street Address
2951 Marion Dr., #121
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Health and Beauty Aids (HABA)
- Aloe Vera
- Anti-Aging
- Body Scrub
- Deodorants
- Elastin Products
- Eye Cream
- Hair Conditioner
- Hair Styling Products
- Jojoba Products
Health and Beauty Aids (HABA) (Cont'd)
- Lip Care Products
- Lotions/Creams
- Moisturizers
- Shampoo
- Shea Butter
- Soaps/Cleansers
- Tea Tree Oil Products
- Vitamin E Products
- Cascara Sagrada
Amazon Organics
Biotene H-24
Nova Cell
Mill Creek
Sleepy Hollow

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