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Oh My Fungi Gummies
Contact Info
Street Address
2315 Carlos St.
Moss Beach, CA 94038

Dietary Supplements
- Chewable/Gummy
- Immune Support
- Melatonin
- Theanine
- Vitamin B Complex
- Vitamin D
- Zinc
- Gum
Grocery (Cont'd)
- Mushrooms
- Elderberrry Extract
- Mushrooms (Medicinal)
- Stress/Sleep Support, Herbal
Oh My Fungi gummies
Noble Spore
About Us

Description of Products: Our fruit-based mushroom gummies are made with organic fruiting body functional mushroom extracts that are stellar for immunity, brain health, stress, stamina and sleep. They are fruit-based with no added sugars or syrups.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 2022


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