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World Organic Corp.
Contact Info
Contact: Paul Licata, Pres.
Phone: (714)893-0017
Toll Free: (800)926-7455
Fax: (714)897-5677
Street Address
5242 Bolsa Ave., Ste. 3
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Dietary Supplements
- Algae Supplements
- Alpha-Lipoic Acid
- Antioxidants
- Ascorbates
- Calcium
- Children’s Supplements
- Chlorella
- Chlorophyll
- Chondroitin Sulfate
- Cleansing Products
- Coral Calcium
- Digestive Health
- Diuretics
- Dolomite
- Energy Formulas
- Folic Acid
- Green Food Supplements
- Hair/Skin/Nails Supplements
- Immune Support
- Iron
- Joint Care
- Minerals, Liquid
- Minerals, Multiple
- Minerals, Trace
- Papaya Products
Dietary Supplements (Cont'd)
- Potassium
- Silica/Silicon
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin B Complex
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin M (Folic Acid)
- Vitamin/Mineral Combos
- Vitamins, Liquid
- Vitamins, Multiple
- Wheat or Barley Grass Supplements
Health and Beauty Aids (HABA)
- Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Products
- Breath Fresheners
- Hand Sanitizers
- Moisturizers
- Progesterone Cream
- Vitamin E Products
- Aloe Products
- Ginseng, Korean
- Horsetail
Manufacturing Equipment & Services
- Private Label Services
Liquid Chlorophyll
Chloro-Combo Liquid
About Us

Description of Products: Liquid, capsules & softgel Supplements featuring Chlorophyll from Alfalfa, Liquid Kelp, Ferro-Tone, Liqui-Vite, Ultra-B Liquid, Potassium Iodide, plus Liquids A,B-12,C,D. Also Silica, Cal Mag Zinc Liquid, Emu Oil, Mineral Energy & Timeless Skin Cream.

Who's Who

Year Founded: 1959

Founder: Al Licata

Key Personnel:
Dr. Al Licata, CEO
Paul Licata, Pres.
Jim Lucich, Sls. Mgr.
Sandi Licata, Dir. Mktg.

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