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Contact: Heather Wainer, VP Media/Pub.
Phone: (908)769-1160
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The Naturally Informed program is designed to keep suppliers, brands and retailers informed on developments in the natural products industry so that they can make better business decisions and inform consumers about the opportunities, challenges, and issues surrounding consuming these types of products. Here you’ll find high-caliber content from virtual events, webinars, articles, white papers, and sponsor materials that is provocative, colorful, engaging, and illuminating – all the way from the science of supplements to the truth about sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and clean label to true industry leadership.

Sessions include #ImmunityMarket, #SustainabilitySolutions, #WinTheMicrobiome, #MentalWellness, and #Nutri-Beauty, all of which are available on-demand at #ActiveNutrition is set to take place June 29-30.

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